Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the client?
The contact person who works with Allen Web Designs, is responsible for communicating what is required and is responsible for payment and signs the contract.  
How much does a web site cost?  
For each page of a web site the charge is $200.  For example, a web site with three links would cost $600 to develop.  Additional fees are applied when web maintenance is needed or when additional pictures, sound or video are added.  (See PRICING for details). 
Do you have a referral program?
YES!!  If a client refers a new customer to Allen Web Designs and the new customer signs a one year contract the client will receive $50.
How long does it take to get a design on the web?
Factors such as web site size (number of pages), the availability of the client to answer questions, the transfer of media to be added (pictures, sound, etc.) all affect the design time.   After the web design is finished it will need to be advertised to be most effective.
How much advance notice do you need for a special occasion page? 
One month's notice is required for a web project commemorating a specific date (birthday, anniversary, etc.) The web site must be completed and full payment received one week before the special occasion date.
How can I communicate what I want? 
By e-mail:   By phone with an Allen Web Design representative after a contact is signed.  All of the web site design requirements will be determined before any payment is submitted.  
How do I make payment?
The web site design requirements must be finished first.  A contract between the client and Allen Web Designs listing the web site requirements, total payment due, and web publishing date will be sent to the client.  The contract will be signed and returned with at least 50% of the total payment included.   After payment is received and acknowledged by Allen Web Designs web development begins.  The client will have an opportunity to review the web site previous to the publishing date.  Any remaining balance due must be paid before the web page will be made available to the public.
How long can I keep my web site?
After a web site has been published for one year the client will be notified about contract expiration.  The client can opt to continue with Allen Web Designs with the same or updated website.   A minimal annual hosting fee of $200 will be applied.  The client also can request removal of the site before the contract year at any time. 
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